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I'm Joël

An entrepreneur, writer, influencer & founder of TheNederland.com, dedicated to create the best possible content for you!

Being a half-American and half-Dutch young man with nothing more than passion, a laptop and a dream, I’m proud to have created a digital empire that touches thousands.

Through my social media pages scattered across four platforms, I share the most amazing pictures shot by my favorite Netherlands-based photographers, and write informative articles on TheNederland.com for my 50K+ readers.

Welcome! I hope you enjoy reading our story!

One of the things I’m often asked is “How on earth did you get started in all this?”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been insatiably curious about entrepreneurship. I started selling anything I could on online marketplaces when I was thirteen. I registered at the chamber of commerce when I was of legal age and built my own webshop shortly after. 

After several failed attempts at online businesses, including trading crypto coins and several pyramid schemes, I realized that my unusual combination of interests and skills was a strength, not a liability.


I created and grew my first Instagram page to 87K in no time—but I made a terrible mistake! I used an online tool for fake followers. My account—which was about global travel—was dead. And once an Instagram page is dead, it is nearly impossible to revive it.
But through that page, I came in contact with all the big players of Instagram. People like @fathomlesslife, @neskirimli and even @yesaccasey who had even been reposted by @instagram!
They taught me the right way to grow my Instagram page, so in September 2016 I started over. But this time I wanted to be different than all the redundant travel pages out there, so I narrowed my travel posting down to The Netherlands alone as a test—a test that worked out perfectly!

When I realized my Instagram page was becoming a huge success, I created my Facebook page—this was in September 2018. Now, one year later, the Facebook page is becoming an even greater success than my Instagram account. I was fortunate enough to do everything the right way this time, and grew the Facebook page to little under 20K within ONE YEAR! And I did it all without paying for Facebook advertising. Yes, that’s right! Organic marketing only! Then in September 2019 (seriously, what is it with the month September?) I created the Facebook group, which grew to 5K members within two months. To dial back the spam, we now have to be very careful who we let in to the group.
I began experimenting with a website for my social media pages in October 2018, which became a huge failure. Apparently my followers were not at all interested in buying Dutch merchandise, but more interested in the architecture, history and culture that came with the photography I shared. So, one morning I woke up with a vision, and that vision was to build the website you’re currently visiting! A travel blog with information my readers would like to read. But even though I am a writer, writing articles objectively and informatively was something I had to learn, and still am learning—but doing is the best way to practice.
Now you know how I started, but there’s more!
Having built this social media empire of more than fifty thousand followers, I often get confused for some rich guy living in The Netherlands sitting on a pile of stuivers (nickels)—but I’m not. Every day I get messages from people who beg me to change their life, to sponsor their (permanent) trip to The Netherlands. I receive heartbreaking stories and pictures from people in warzones, people with terminally ill loved ones—from the refugees in Syria to the boeren in South Africa—and no matter how much I would like to help them, I don’t have the financial resources to help.

You may not know this, but we actually have more than just an Instagram account and a Facebook page. We also have a Twitter account, and recently even created a Facebook group and a LinkedIn page. We also have more than one Instagram account, check them out below!

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