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Uh-oh, our little experiment got out of hand!

We started September 2016, now we're here.

What started out as an experiment by a social media influencer, became perhaps the largest online community of all things Dutch on the internet.

“I used to post travel photography of places all over the world, but soon noticed I wasn’t doing anything different than other influencers.” Joël—the founder of TheNederland—began. “One day, I decided to start from scratch, to grow an Instagram account about a single country; and what better country than the one I live in?” Joël enthusiastically exclaimed. “Soon thereafter, my Instagram and Facebook page took off; and when I added the Facebook group later on, well, I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.”

Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

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Here at TheNederland we cater to an extensive audience from nations all over the world. Whether your ancestry is Dutch, or you've fallen in love with our culture, we strive to create the best content for you!


Our mission is to create unity in a divided world; though we may all have our own values, opinions, and ideologies, we can still come together to celebrate our shared interest of all things Dutch!


We aim to provide our audience with content in all relevant categories, these include: news, cities, culture, expat, and reviews. More categories and sub-categories will be added when content is written.


You can enjoy our content in various forms; through featured photographers, written blog posts, and an online community who are as interested about the Netherlands as you! All just to keep you informed of all things Dutch.


You can find TheNederland across various social media platforms. You can like our Facebook page to stay informed on all our latest articles. Or you can follow us on Instagram, for the best photography.


At TheNederland we strive to provide you with everything there is to know about the Dutch. This wouldn't be possible without our amazing writers. And if you'd like to become one of our writers, you can apply here.

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Are you a top-notch writer?

Write for TheNederland!

TheNederland is always on the lookout for additional enthusiastic contributors to write dazzling blog posts for us! If you know anything about the Netherlands and our culture, and if you love writing as much as we do, then we might just be able to provide you the best platform to publish your writing!

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