Want to reach expats and the fastest growing international community of the Netherlands?

TheNederland is the ultimate online platform for expats in the Netherlands, and reaches over 3.000.000 people per month. Do you want to access this unique market? Read on!

We inform

Fast news pieces, editorials, and lively debates on our social channels: TheNederland is a leading voice covering the Netherlands in English.

We entertain

Iconic style, loads of likes, jokes-galore and rib-tickling memes: our readers know that they're going to be entertained at TheNederland, and they love it!

We educate

TheNederland is here to take each expat by the hand and guide them through the twists and turns of living in the land of cheese, bicycles, and windmills.

We target

We know our audience and we know what gets them going. We track demographics and trends meticulously to ensure our message is on point.

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