Things to do in Delft

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There are some things to do in Delft which you may not know of. If you are planning on staying for a day or two, here is some information for you.

If you like art, you can visit Museum Prinsenhof where several paintings by Dutch artist Pieter de Hooch are exhibited. If you are interested, you can read more information on the Museum Prinsenhof website.

At the San Marco Museum, within walking distance from the center of Delft, there are several ceramic heads by modern artist Joep van Lieshout. You can find out more about his work in this article

The Beguinage is a neighborhood where women only lived. It was founded in 1584 at Delft by Elisabeth of Bavaria, consort of William I of Orange. This convent was built next to the Church of Saint Nicholas in 1489. The last beguine died in 1794. Note that one can still visit the museum located inside the church for € 4 per person.

There is also an interesting Dutch architecture tour – by bike. There are lots of sites to see throughout Delft so be sure to take this tour! See the link for more information. From all the info I have read it sounds like a great way to see some places. Note that this is not available over the winter months though. By bike may be a good option for those who do not want to drive themselves around during wintertime.

Explore the city – you will find great restaurants to try out. You can find Delft city guide book in book shops around town or on the website of the Delft tourist office.

There is a great museum located in Delft called the Museum de Fundatie. It has two locations, one in Zwolle and one in Delft. There is a lot of artwork and history collected over many years within these buildings. Many people like to visit this museum as it is very interesting to learn about Dutch artists as well as art from other countries as well.

The Delft Tourist Office is located inside the train station in Delft. You can find them in one of two locations; inside or outside. I personally prefer to go to the outside location as it seems easier to find parking, though I have heard that there is more information inside (in Dutch).

It is located in the train station in Delft/Holland. You can find it easily but be warned that they are sometimes out of supply, especially when there are two trains passing through the station at the same time. Therefore, if you have purchased a ticket, be prepared to check it out and possibly call here for updates on delays and such.

The tourist office website is not always up to date or accurate but they do allow you to print out a map and guide and take that with you if the website is not the greatest. I’ve found their site to be most useful when I needed to know food hours or something specific regarding what time trains were running.

Just a few recommendations for places where to stay when you are in Delft, Netherlands. Also information on good restaurants and things to do when staying there. Budget Inn Delft, located near the train station in Delft, is a good place to stay if you are trying to save money. It is not the newest or nicest but it has good service and location to explore the city. The restaurant serves breakfast which is great for those who have to catch an early train. Breakfast costs just € 5 per person if you are staying at the hotel. Check their website for more information

The Rataplan Café is located within walking distance from the Budget Inn Delft, offering excellent food and great service at a reasonable price! It is open daily from 12 noon to 11 p.m. except on Sunday when it opens at 1 p.m.. It is also located within walking distance from the Delft train station, with parking nearby.

The Delft Tourist Office, located inside the train station, offers a great resource for tourists to learn about the area and how to get around.

They have a great schedule of events but also have information on where to eat and drink in Delft. There is a restaurant called Nieuwe Huis which serves breakfast from 9.00 a.m.. It is extremely popular with locals and it is located near the train station by Rijksmuseum (about 10 minutes walk). They also have a restaurant called the Baroeg located near the train station. It is a very popular restaurant with locals so reservations may be necessary, especially during peak times.

You can also visit the Delft Museum which is a beautiful museum to learn about the history of Delft and why it was built as it is today. It is located just across from the train station in Delft/Holland. They also have a restaurant, but it is closed during the winter months.

Enjoy! Explore Delft and Holland and enjoy the history and the quiet waterways. I’ll be posting more things to do in Delft in the future so keep an eye out for that and enjoy your time in Delft! (Please comment below with any suggestions for other things to see or do while you are there! Your feedback helps others who might be reading this article.)



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