Dutch Print Facemask With Bendable Nose Band, Filter, and Adjustable In Size



High quality facemask with the Dutchest print you’ll ever see; decorated with a pattern of bicycles, tulips, Dutch flags, cheese, and windmills. The facemask is made from a soft material to ensure it is comfortable for the wearer. Due to its bendable nose band, you can shape the top of the mask to your satisfaction, which is ideal for those who wear glasses; because your glasses won’t fog up. The ear loops are adjustable in size, and elastic, which means no rash behind your ears. The facemask also comes with an extra layer to add a filter should you want one.

Product specifications

  • Soft comfortable fabric
  • Bendable nose band for a more secure fit
  • Adjustable, and elastic ear loops
  • Inner layer for filter (filters not included)
  • 100% breathable


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