Returns and warranty


TheNederland.com accepts returns within 14 days of the delivery date, to submit a return request, please e-mail us at mail@thenederland.com. If your return period has expired but you’d still like to return your item, and there were special circumstances, you can send us an e-mail and we’ll determine how we can be of service.


You are allowed to claim warranty if an item shows damage or a defect within the warranty period. If you issue a claim for a warranty, TheNederland.com will (partially) reimburse, replace or repair the product. Wear, misuse or intensive use and user damage are not covered by the warranty.

Each product has a certain warranty period. This period depends on the function of the product, the expected lifespan and the quality.

The warranty terms below apply to bicycles.

  • Ten-year warranty on the frame and front fork.
  • Five-year warranty on the paintwork and rust from the inside.
  • One year warranty on all parts except the tires.

Submit a warranty claim

As a TheNederland.com customer, you must send the warranty request to us by email (mail@thenederland.com). Always send the invoice number, a clear description of the complaint, the manner in which the damage occurred and images (if possible a video) of the product or part on which the complaint is clearly visible. If there is indeed a warranty, we will solve this by compensation, replacement or repair. This compensation or replacement depends on the damage and the part that is damaged.