How Alejandro Captures the Stunning Hotspots of Amsterdam

Photography by Alejandro Loar

Many of the best photographers of the Netherlands are based in Amsterdam. One of our favorite photographers in Amsterdam is Alejandro Loar. He’s a Mexican photographer, who studied photography when he was a teenager. Alejandro is a simple, but committed person, who searches for aesthetics, lines, light, and angles in his photography. With understanding of marketing, advertising, and design, it’s not surprising he now has over 18 thousand followers on Instagram.

Why did Alejandro become a photographer in Amsterdam?

Prior to becoming a photographer in Amsterdam, Alejandro worked in marketing and design. He went to university in Guadalajara, Mexico, and in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And he worked in communications, design, and advertisement for several companies and agencies. He now lives in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. He says living here, has opened his freedom, creativity, and sensibility. Because of this, he appreciates those small corners, details, and reflections from the stunning city that is Amsterdam.  

While he’s always loved photography, Alejandro decided he didn’t want to work anywhere that didn’t make him happy. In 2014, he decided his daily rut was enough, and he didn’t want to sit behind a desk every day from 9 to 5. It started to annoy him and made him unhappy.

Alejandro remembered playing with his family’s cam recorder, and his mother’s camera, when he was a kid. And remembered getting his first camera, an Olympus MJU II, for Christmas. So, he decided to start his own photography business. Since 2015, he’s been constantly learning, and improving his photography. Experimenting, and looking for tips or advice from fellow photographers in Amsterdam. He offers an array of services to his clients, among which are family portraits, weddings, corporate events, social media content, product-, and portrait photography. When it comes to his own photography, he tries to upload pictures to Instagram and Facebook every day. Recently, he began working on his online store, where people can buy products with his photography. He expects to officially open the store in spring, 2021.

What is Alejandro like?

We’ve had the pleasure of working together with Alejandro on several occasions. He logged into our Instagram account to create stories, and entertained our followers with his beautiful photography. This is known as an “Instagram takeover”. One of many reasons why we love working with him, is that his photography shows the true essence. It’s realistic, and natural, not overly edited, but instead Alejandro shows transparency in his photography.

We could best describe him as a happy, talkative, and easy-going person. He considers himself a simple and relaxed guy who loves what he does—getting lost in the streets of any city. Besides working with us, he’s had the pleasure of working together with several other photographers in the Netherlands. He has worked with Cris Toala Olivares, Albert Dros, Tristan Lavender, and Pablo Laguia. And we were introduced to him through Nora Maria. Alejandro says he loves meeting other photographers in Amsterdam to chat, share ideas, have coffee, and shoot pictures.

As a photographer in Amsterdam, Alejandro revealed his favorite hotspots to us. If you want to visit the amazing places he often shoots, you could head over to Prinsen Eiland, Jordaan, NDSM, and Nieuwe Markt in Amsterdam. But a photographer in Amsterdam doesn’t just stay in one place. Alejandro loves to visit other places as well, such as Haarlem, Utrecht, Zaanse Schans, and Oude Kerk aan de Amstel.

What is it like to be a professional photographer?

According to Alejandro, photography is a personal art work, same as painters, sculptors or musicians. People think anyone can just click the camera and snap the same photo. And somehow that makes them a photographer in Amsterdam. It’s a shame a lot of people are not willing to pay for a good quality image or art in general. It is wrongfully believed that smartphones can do the same as professional cameras. But Alejandro would argue it’s not the same. If you make photos only with your phone and you proclaim yourself as a professional photographer, I invite you to study and explore what photography is in real life.

Photography offers much much more than preset settings on your smartphone, and a couple of free presets from Lightroom or VSCO. Alejandro personally uses a Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Mark IV. He has several lenses, but his favorites are 35mm, 24/70mm, and 70/200. For his editing software, he mostly works with Lightroom.

Besides photography, Alejandro enjoys riding his bicycle, or walking around the city. He likes going for a coffee, and getting lost in the endless streets of Amsterdam—or any other city he’s visiting. Something else he loves to do is cooking, and experimenting with food. He likes mixing ingredients to create new flavors, and loves spicy food. Though he likes to meet and talk with new people who have similar interests; his favorite combination is sitting on a bench along the canals of Amsterdam, with a coffee in his hand, and his camera hanging from his shoulder.

For more information about Alejandro Loar, and his photography, visit his website, like his Facebook page, and follow him on Instagram at @alejandroloar or @loarphoto_weddings.

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